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The Childcare Provider

Although I'm not their mother,

I care for them each day.

I cuddle, sing and read to them,

and watch them as they play.


I see each new accomplishment

and help them grow and learn,

I understand their language

and I listen with concern.


They come to me for comfort

and I kiss away their tears.

They proudly show their work to me,

I give the loudest cheers!


No, I am not their mother,

but my role is just as strong.

I nurture them and keep them safe,

though maybe not for long.


I know someday the time may come,

when we will have to part,

but I know each child I've cared for

is forever in my heart!


~author unknown



Children are .....

Amazing; acknowledge them
Believable; trust them
Childlike; allow them
Divine; honor them
Energetic; nourish them
Fallible; embrace them
Gifts; treasure them
Here now; be with them
Innocent; delight with them
Joyful; appreciate them
Kindhearted; learn from them
Lovable; cherish them
Magical; fly with them
Noble; esteem them
Open minded; respect them
Precious; value them
Questioners; encourage them
Resourceful; support them
Spontaneous; enjoy them
Talented; believe in them
Unique; affirm them
Vulnerable; protect them
Whole; recognize them
Xtra special; celebrate them
Yearning; notice them
Zany; laugh with them

~author unknown


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