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My Family

I have 3 beautiful and wonderful children of my own.

My oldest son, Chris, has a beautiful daughter, Grace, who is 17. They have a home in Lantana, Texas. Chris graduated from the University of North Texas and has his own Construction-Remodeling Company. 

My daughter, Jennifer, works for a Medical Company with a degree. She has a beautiful daughter, MacKenzie. They have a home in Parker, Texas. 

My youngest son, Kenny, lives in Dallas and works in Dallas. He has 3 sons, 3 daughters. Kenny, is 17, Jayden is 16 and Kaylee is 16, Ava Rose is 5, Mason is 4 and Melody is 2. 

My stepson Austin and his wife Vanessa have 2 sons, Dominic and Kenrick.

My stepson Blaike and his wife Stephanie have 1 son, Lucas and a daughter.

My stepson Aaron and his wife Tammy have a son Kellen and a daughter Phoebe.

I homeschooled my son Kenny his last 5 years of school. It was very rewarding for the both of us. 

I have been taking care of children for 50 + years. I started out with watching my 2 younger sisters while my mother worked 2 jobs.

I was 11 years old when I started babysitting. I even did housekeeping. 

I started with Early Childhood Development Classes at Skyline High School. We had a Day Care Center in our class and I was able to work with the infants and toddlers. Taking care of children has always come natural to me. 

I feel it takes someone special and gifted to take care of children and I know the Lord has given me that gift.  

My oldest son, Chris, was in a Registered Home Child Care while I was in school. Mrs. Anderson took excellent care of him and the other children. She is the reason I am here today, doing what I Love and Enjoy. She is my Mentor. Every Christmas from the day Chris started at Mrs. Anderson's Registered Home Child Care, we, as a family would visit her and her family. All because of the wonderful care he received from being in a Registered Home Child Care environment.



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