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Rates / Hours/ Openings

Openings as of

DECEMBER 1, 2022

2 -  Openings (18 months - 4 years non school)

NO - Openings for After Schoolers 5 years to 12 years

N0 - Openings For Evenings, Overnight and Weekends: for all ages

Price includes Nurtritous Breakfast, Lunch and P.M. Snack for Days

Nurtritous Dinner and Snack provided in Evening and Overnight

Nurtritous Breakfast, Lunch and Snack or Dinner and Snack served on Weekends


Newborn - 18 months $

19 months - 5 years old $

schoolers: 5 years old - 12 years old (see price below)

after school only $100.00 per week per child*

serving Ethridge, Cooper, Golden Meadows, Hickman and Spring Creek Elementary Schools

I DO NOT provide school Transportation

Rides Are Us, Inc. for school transportation, contact Carole Floyd 469-774-2717

*During the school year, if it's a no school day it will be $10.00 extra per day per child

School Age Summer Care $150.00 per week per child

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